Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Teresa!

A HUGE shout-out to Teresa Valenzuela for sharing her time and talents with SDFF! In her free time, Teresa is a freelance photographer and activist for disabled rights. Teresa’s passion is exemplified through photography. She has a unique vision for each picture she takes, and her distinct point of view is evidenced in every click of her camera.

teresa-valenzuelaThough Teresa is open to helping out wherever she can, she has been a great inspiration on a creative level and is helping to boost our marketing efforts by snapping and editing photos to showcase and share the mission of San Diego Futures Foundation. Furthermore, Teresa has taken on an important leadership role in volunteering her time to be part of the SDCEPD Jobtober Fest Committee on behalf of SDFF. We are extremely fortunate to have Teresa on our volunteer team, not just because of her amazing talents, but also her passion for life, the community, and her unique ability to share a bit of herself and our mission with art.

Check out some of her latest work: