Adaptive Technology

Welcome to San Diego Futures Foundation (SDFF) Adaptive Technology Program (ATP). ATP’s goal is, simply, to improve the lives of blind & visually impaired individuals. We aspire to equip individuals with the technological skills, tools and equipment they need to thrive as individuals and to become gainfully employed and competitive within the workforce despite their barrier.

ATP instructors integrate assistive and adaptive technology with other technological
applications and programs, operating systems, and computer technologies. ATP trains on various technological devices including computers, tablets/iPads, and phones/iPhones to best diversify our student’s skills for the workforce.

SDFF is currently teaching the following adaptive technology software and platforms:

  • Computer Magnifiers
    • MAGic
    • ZoomText
    • ZoomText Fusion
    • Dolphin
  • Computer Screen Readers
    • ZoomText Fusion
    • Window Eyes
    • JAWS
    • NVDA
    • VoiceOver (Mac)
    • Dolphin
  • Tablet
    • Surface Pro
    • Andriod
    • iPad
  • Phone
    • Andriod
    • iPhone

Software and programs

  • Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
  • Google Programs (Google Drive, Doc, Sheet, Slide, and Gmail)
  • Email (Outlook and online email)
  • Internet skills (Searching for jobs, filling out job applications, researching scholarly journals, online classes, social media, navigating resource websites and internet skills)
  • Optical Character Recognition Software (OCR) (OpenBook, Kusswiel, and Adobe Acrobat Pro)
  • We can provide other Software and Program training when requested

If you have any questions feel free to email

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