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We provide you with technical support for your tablet, laptop, and desktop after you get a low-cost computer from us.

The most common questions we hear are:

• What kind of computer should I get?
• Should I get cable or DSL?
• What is the difference between cable and DSL?
• My computer won't start - what should I do?
• My computer starts but it's really, really slow - why?
• I bought some software, how do I install it?
• Why is my computer acting funny after I downloaded some software?
• How do I keep my kids safe online?
• Should I be concerned about my privacy or hackers?

We offer support in the following languages:

• English
• Spanish
• Arabic

Service Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm
To speak with a technician call (619) 269-1684.

James Weatherford examining a laptop