Promoting Our Partners: BAME Renaissance Community Development Corporation

BAME First off, we just want you to know we are truly grateful to have partners like you and it gives us great pleasure to highlight the great work your organization is doing in the community. Therefore, could you share with us a bit more about BAME? How did you get started? What is your mission and how do you serve the community of San Diego?

BAME Renaissance Community Development Corporation (BAME CDC) is a 501c3 community development corporation. It was created in June 1995. Our mission is to strengthen residents and businesses in Greater Logan Heights neighborhoods through community empowerment, education, economic growth, and housing development. BAME CDC recognizes that in order to promote and provide for a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community, there must be a strong infrastructure of services. As such, BAME CDC strives to strengthen and rebuild the fabric of the community through business,community and economic development.


What is your role with the organization and how long have you been with BAME?

Chief Executive Officer; I have been with the organization since 2007

Do you have any exciting plans for 2016? Upcoming events?

  • Gilliam Family Community Space and Garden Opening – March 2016
  • Imperial Avenue Street Festival — August 27, 2016

If someone wanted to get involved with BAME in some capacity, what are some ways they might do that?

  1. Call BAME CDC at 619-858-0563
  2. Visit BAME CDC Website:
  3. Facebook:
  4. Twitter:
  5. Email:

Finally, how can SDFF help your organization achieve your goals in 2016?

By keeping our equipment and other aspects of IT operating at high capacity.